Honolulu City Lights, Oahu Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii for the holiday season makes for an festive vacation. the in the activities of the 30th Annual Honolulu City Lights in Oahu Hawaii.  No one does the holidays quite like Hawaii – the lighting of the 50-foot Norfolk Christmas tree on the Honolulu Hale lawn, live entertainment and the unique Electric Light Parade along King Street. The parade showcases fire, police and emergency vehicles, refuse and other huge maintenance trucks, buses and other city vehicles festively lit with thousands of lights. The 60-unit parade also features corporate sponsor floats and vehicles, and numerous high school marching bands. Opening night, Sat. Dec. 6th at 4 p.m., tree lighting at 6 p.m. Decorated wreath exhibit in Honolulu Hale open daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

After the parade, families can view the decorated Christmas tree and wreath displays in the courtyard of Honolulu Hale before venturing over to Sky Gate, on the grounds of the Frank F. Fasi Civic Center, to watch the star-studded holiday concert and enjoy the family rides and food booths.

Why not…make it a once in a lifetime holiday vacation in Honolulu Hawaii.

Save the Date: Dec 6 – Jan 2
Location: 550 S King St, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

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Honolulu City Lights, Oahu Hawaii

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Honolulu City Lights for the Holidays, Oahu Hawaii


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